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LexTynGou is the pseudonym of the abstract painter Elena Julve who lives and works in Brussels. Born in Tarragona and grew up in Navarra, her paintings materialize her personal journey, evolution, and her continuous discovering of herself, the art and different painting techniques.

Her love for painting developed early, and soon she was creating her first canvases starting as LENA . J. On her first works she focus certain aspects of her own, and her problems with verbal expression.

Influenced by Dali and the surrealism, on a second period she changed her pseudonym to DALI-A. This period compositions narrate stories through the canvas and the materialization of the scenes that pass through the artist’s imagination.

As LexTynGou her oeuvre is rich and unclassifiable. With diverse techniques such as acrylic on canvas, palette knife and a big range of materials, her work invites the viewer to plunge into her symbolic and poetic world. Her compositional palette shows the artist’s emotional state when confronting the canvas.


  • Salon Artistique de Charleroi- Charleroi 2016
  • Galerie Art et Miss – Paris 2015
  • La poterie de Ben-Ahin – Lieja 2015


“I like to innovate and to surprise even myself. I do not like to settle and always paint the same thing”.


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